Repeat Consultation on Plan with SEA

Posted February 21, 2023

We consulted with you back in February 2022 as part of our first formal public consultation (Regulation 14 Consultation) on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. Thank you if you took part in this consultation. We received over 480 individual comments. These comments have been very helpful to us and we are currently revising our Plan as a result.

In April 2022 we were informed by Wiltshire Council that we were required to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) on the Neighbourhood Plan. This was due to concerns having been raised by Wiltshire Council’s Conservation Officers on the potential impact of our draft Policies TC1-TC3 on the historic environment. We have subsequently carried out an SEA and in line with best practice guidance have decided to repeat the Regulation 14 Consultation, this time specifically with the addition of the SEA.

In repeating the Regulation 14 Consultation we are seeking any comments you may wish to make on the SEA, or if the SEA raises any additional or revised comments you may wish to make on the Neighbourhood Plan. We respectfully request that any new or additional comments you may wish to make are limited to the scope of the SEA. All previous comments submitted to the 2022 Regulation 14 Consultation are still valid. There is no need to submit these comments to us again.

The repeat Regulation 14 Consultation runs from 21st February 2023 – 5th April 2023. Please send any comments you wish to make on the SEA to

To read the SEA, our draft Neighbourhood Plan, accompanying annexes (Chippenham Design Guide, Chippenham Conservation Area Character Appraisal, Shopfronts Design Guide and Tree Planting Guide) and Appendices, please go to our ‘Consultation’ page of this website. Alternatively, a hard copy of these documents will be available to view in the Town Hall reception area during the consultation period.