Results from Neighbourhood Plan’s Public Consultation

Posted June 6, 2022

We received great community feedback from our first public consultation on the draft Plan. The ‘Regulation 14 consultation’ was carried out between 28 February – 12 April 2022.

We are pleased to share with you the Consultation Results Report. The Report, written by Community First Wiltshire, sets out the headline results of the consultation. It also includes some selected comments by respondents. The Report can be viewed by clicking on the link:

Some headlines statistics from the Report are:
483 responses in total.

Overall response rate of 68%.

Good distribution of responses from postcodes across Chippenham, and surrounding areas.

77% of respondents agreed with the Plan’s Vision and Objectives.

90% average agreement rate across all policies, with an average disagreement rate of 10%.

Lowest agreement rate was for Policy H1 – Housing Mix and Types. 74% were in agreement with this policy.

101 respondents named their favourite Local Green Space. The highest number of mentions was for ‘LGS B – Baydons Wood, Baydons Meadow & Long Close’.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are currently reviewing all the comments received during the Regulation 14 Consultation. They will then make amendments to the Neighbourhood Plan based on these comments.

The Steering Group will publish their response to individual comments in due course. This is currently expected to be in September 2022, when the Neighbourhood Plan is formally submitted to Wiltshire Council.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan, as consulted upon at Regulation 14 stage, can be viewed by clicking on the link: